Getting started

Welcome to the Getting Started page of Embedded Analytics for SecureTransport 2.4.2, released 23 May 2022.

Start Up Guide

A step by step description to walk you through the installation and set up of EA4ST

Alerts Config Guide

This section is is a continuation from the Start Up and helps you gain more value and add more capability from EA4ST by configuring your first alerts.

Upgrades to EA4ST 

Separate guidance is available if upgrading from a previous version of EA4ST. This is available in the Upgrade the Prebuilt analytics section of the Install and configure Axway Decision Insight page that is located in the Advanced Sections of this document.

Advanced Sections

These sections are for ST admins with more advanced technical requirements and/or specific more detailed configurations to implement that are not covered in the Start Up Guide and Next Step Config Guide.

Installation and Upgrade

Prebuilt Dashboards administration

Application builders

Updated May 27, 2022.

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