Release notes

Supported version

This release can be deployed on Axway Decision Insight v2.0.0 on release version 20181224-01 and above. This release is compatible with SecureTransport 5.3.6 and above.

New features and fixes

Internal case Details
EASUPPORT-82 Customisations Policy clarification in EA4ST documentation
EASUPPORT-93 Add neutral transfers to Global TP, BU Transfer Perf. dashboards.
EASUPPORT-94 Enable Admin/superusers with default access to all BU data/dashboards
EASUPPORT-95 Provide adjusted route script to disable SSL on the Axway Managed Cloud
EASUPPORT-104 Replace cloud/sun indicators on Punctuality with R,Y,G traffic lights
EASUPPORT-112 Jade: Alert EMAIL notifications should have more configurable properties
EASUPPORT-115 CreateWatchedAccount - Need user-friendly feedback from route when something fails
EASUPPORT-41 Route used to send mail for punctuality seems not working as expected
EASUPPORT-59 Base User Role has access to run/modify dashboards (security risk)


New Entity

A new entity called "AllAccounts" has been introduced to hold all the ST accounts. This entity will need to be configured using the new resource called "09_AllAccounts" and new route "09_CreateAllAccounts" in the space called "07-ST-Configuration".

Updated Entity

The entity called "Account" has been renamed "VIPAccount" and it is intended to be used to hold the ST accounts that require a closer degree of monitoring and as such will have more analytics available that the base "AllAccount" entity. The configuration of this entity remains as is, but it will now automatically create a relation to the "AllAccounts" entity (and create an instance of this entity if it does not already exist).

NOTE: The punctuality checks are only available for the "VIPAccount".

Dashboard Changes

In order to introduce this new concept of "AllAccount" and "VIPAccount", some dashboards were changed:

Dashboard Change

Account Failures Today

Replace the “Accounts” entity with the new “AllAccounts”

Business Unit List

Change the KPI “# of active accounts today” to use the new “AllAccounts” entity instead of “Accounts”

Business Unit Service Usage

Change the KPI “# of active accounts today” to use the new “AllAccounts” entity instead of “Accounts” in the Pagelet “Accounts Activity”

Filtered Account List

Replace the “Accounts” entity with the new “AllAccounts”

Global Service Usage

Change the KPI “# of active accounts today” to use the new “AllAccounts” entity instead of “Accounts” in the Pagelet “Accounts Activity”

To improve performance some KPIs based on the Protocol entity have been removed and so have the pagelets where these KPIs were displayed:

Dashboard Change

Account Failures Today

Remove the “Top 5 Protocols with failures” pagelet

Business Unit Transfer Rate Performance

Remove the “Per Account Transfer Rate” pagelet

Business Unit Activity Trend

Remove the “Protocols” pagelet

A new dashboard has been created to improve the user experience through the navigation:

VIP Account failures today

This dashboard is an identical copy to the "Account failures today" dashboard.

Sizing Guide

The sizing guide has been updated to give a better understanding of what the current limits of the EA4ST application are, based on the hardware configuration and mainly the number of "VIPAccount" instances.

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