Resubmit file transfers

This feature is available through the Action button in the transfer detail report. It enables you to resubmit an already processed file transfer to SecureTransport, and thus to reprocess already failed transfers easily without the need to logon into the backend system every time this is needed.

The Action button is visible and usable only by users who have an Administrator or a Delegated Administrator user role. For more information about user rights, see Users management.

On a SecureTransport cluster architecture, the resubmit request is sent to the primary node. If the SecureTransport primary node does not have all the information to resubmit (The tracking table is not synchronized), the request returns an error.

Once the resubmit is complete, the status icon of the transfer is displayed right of the Action button. Hover over the icon to see the transfer details:

Successful transfer

Failed transfer

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