Release notes

Supported version

This release can be deployed on Axway Decision Insight v2.0.0 on release version 20180528-01 and above. This release is compatible with SecureTransport 5.3.6 and above.

New features and enhancements

For functional/technical administrators

Configuration to bypass the SecureTransport SSO connection

For more information on how to bypass SecureTransport's SSO when used, see  Install and configure Axway Decision Insight

Decision Table enables regular expressions now

You can now use Regular Expression conditions on decision table connector for alert sending.

Fixed issues

Support case Severity Details
00999144 important

Resubmit does not work on multi-node ST Standard cluster.

00999141 medium

Heartbeat present but ST Server status indicator is grey.

00999090 medium Punctuality check not working when the deadline is not a multiple of 5 min.




Upgrade to Jade 03082018 fails with errors during import (caused by the partial export of the application)

00991115 minor

Embedded Analytics sending multiple punctuality mail alerts (when there is recomputing)

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