Receive email notifications based on a metric status

Prebuilt alerts

Since Jade edition, Embedded Analytics include out of the box alerts to monitor punctuality check updates and file transfer completion. While this cookbook is still valid, it is worth considering the Prebuilt alerts implementation details as a guideline for your intended alert implementation if any.

Prebuilt Dashboards include a configured use case that triggers an email alert based on the value of an evaluation attribute. This use case may be considered as a best practices guidelines to configure your own notification emails.

In the use case, you want  Axway Decision Insight (DI) to send a notification email depending on the value of  a critical High/Low volume status for a given business unit. This metric is based on the attribute # new transfers today of the Business Unit entity.

This topic describes the various elements required in DI to set up this use case.

For more information about how to send notifications, see also the Axway Decision Insight (DI) documentation:

Classifier attributes

You can configure notifications based on the status of classifier attributes. Classifier attributes are status attributes that can switch from one state to another, for example, from NORMAL to CRITICAL. You can configure DI to send an email when the value of such an attribute becomes CRITICAL.

For our use case, in Embedded Analytics for SecureTransport, the alert is based on an existing classifier attribute, HiLo global status, whose value becomes CRITICAL whenever the volume of activity is greater or lower than a high/low baseline-based threshold.


You must create a DI event to catch every update of the classifier attribute HiLo global status.

In DI Settings > Data Integration > Events > Space 08-ST-Alerts, the following event is created:

  • HiLoBUVolumeStatusToday is configured so that an event is triggered each time the attribute  HiLo global status is updated.


When an event is triggered, it is forwarded to a route that enriches it with data, using queries before the route can finally send a notification. 

A dedicated sample query is created in DI Settings > Data Integration > Queries > Space 08-ST-Alerts:

In the context of an event, triggered by HiLoBUVolumeStatusToday , the query getHiLoException takes the following inputs: 

  • BU instance ID
  • Reference time

and outputs the following information:

  • new transfers today


Routes are used to capture the events, handle business logic and finally send notifications.

In DI Settings > Data Integration > Routes > In space 08-ST-Alerts, two routes have been configured: 

  • the route HiLoVolumeBU sends an email each time the HiLo global status classifier reaches the status CRITICAL. It uses a template to format the email in HTML. The template is defined in DI Settings > Integration > Resources > In space 08-ST-Alerts > HiLoVolBUNotif.

The routes must be started manually for the notifications to actually be sent.

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