Punctuality check

About punctuality checks

Embedded Analytics for SecureTransport tackles the following use case which is of interest for a large number of customers:

"Mary wants to make sure that Y files named b_file.txt have been successfully received from account B by 3pm"

This use case makes it possible to detect,  considering the filename and minimum count of files expected:

  • Whether a deadline is met as expected.
  • Whether one or more files arrived late.
  • Whether one or more files are still missing.


This feature allows you to define only:

  • One single punctuality check definition per day and deadline.
  • One single punctuality check affectation per file transfer. A given file transfer counts for a single punctuality check i.e it is not possible to manage more than one punctuality check per expected file.

It does not:

  • Support multiple time zones. A single time zone is considered.
  • Distinguish period types, for example, business days versus non-working days. Instead, punctuality is checked every day.

Account file check

Punctuality check is about determining whether or not an expected number of file transfers occurs before its expected deadline for a given account.

This is defining the account file check rule. Additionally, extra criteria may be considered to fine tune the rule with respect to the file transfer state, the protocol and file name (cf. to table below).

rule definition dimension Additional dimensions
Transfers completed >= Min count of transfers expected at deadline account
  • file transfer state
  • protocol
  • file name

Key analytics

metric Type values description Usage Why
punctuality check status classifier

Normal :

Late :

Missing :

A punctuality check may have one of the following status:

  • Normal When the minimum count of expected files is reached by deadline.
  • Late – When the minimum count of expected files is not reached at deadline, but all missing files eventually arrived afterwards.
  • Missing –  When the deadline is reached and one or more files are missing.

Note : When no file transfer occurs, the status is undefined (empty) as long as the punctuality check deadline is not reached yet.

Monitors high critical files where sending/receiving must meet the expected deadlines.

Applicable roles

The punctuality check feature is available to the following user roles:

  • Global relationship manager
  • Business unit relationship manager

which depicts the punctuality statistics on dashboards Global service usage and Business Unit service usage respectively (cf. application map below).


The punctuality check metrics are reported in the following dashboards : 

Alert on punctuality check update

On top of the punctuality check in dashboards, a basic alerting feature is implemented, which alerts operational managers by Email or/and SNMP Trap whenever the punctuality check status is updated.

For more information see Prebuilt alerts.

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