Prebuilt alerts

Prebuilt alerts enable users to be notified by Email or/and SNMP Trap on occurrence of specific events:

  • Punctuality check updates
  • File transfer completion

Because these alerts require configuring some settings on rules and notification parameters, contact your administrator to set up the prebuilt alerts according your needs.

Punctuality check update

A punctuality check refers to the evaluation of files arrival against a specific deadline. 

For example, you may expect 3 files named invoice.txt from account A to arrive by 3PM. The deadline is considered as missed if those criteria are not fulfilled by 3PM, and any file arriving after this deadline would be considered as late.

Setting up Prebuilt alerts enables you to receive a notification at every status update of the punctuality check:

For more information about punctuality checks, see Punctuality check.

File transfer completion

You may want to receive an alert whenever a specific file transfer has completed with a specific status. 

For example, you may want to be advised in real-time:

  • When a file named invoice.txt from account A has been received.
  • When file named payments.txt is sent to a partner by FTP.
  • When a file transfer has ended with a permanent failure.

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