How to retrieve custom attributes from Secure Transport

SecureTransport events are transmitted to Axway Decision Insight (DI) through its Sentinel's API tracked object. Natively, this object has a limited number of attributes for standard accounts  and additional ones may be required in DI (for example, the email of a secondary contact for the account, their phone number or any other valuable information). .

However, Secure Transport enables you to define additional attributes to send to DI from within the attributes of an account. The approach consists in first defining the custom attribute in the account and then defining its mapping rule.

Define a custom account attribute in Secure Transport

  1. Login to the Secure Transport administration tool
  2. On the left menu, click Accounts > User Accounts.

  3. Edit the account to be customized. In our example, the account is Acc_Test.
  4. In the bottom part of the screen, in the Additional attributes area, define an attribute name and an attribute value for your custiom attribute. All custom attributes names are prefixed by 'userVars'. In the example below, if the name for your customer attribute is secondarycontact and  its value is
At this stage, the defined attribute name is internal to SecureTransport and not the name to be exposed in the tracked object.

Define an attribute mapping in Secure Transport

The attribute mapping maps the account's custom attribute defined above so this custom attribute can be exposed by the Sentinel agent and included in the tracked object.

To ddefine the mapping:

  1. On the left menu, go to SetupAxway Sentinel/DI.
  2. In the Mapping Rules area, add a new mapping rule. The latter consists of of a Sentinel attribute name and its value.

In our example, the attribute name is TEST_CUSTOM_ATTRIBUTE and its value is ${stenv['DXAGENT_ACCOUNT_ATTR_secondarycontact']}.

Note that the value expression of the mapping rule must include the account's attribute name based on this syntax: ${stenv['DXAGENT_ACCOUNT_ATTR_<custom attribute name>']}.

Retrieve a standard Secure Transport account attribute

In Secure Transport, the Sentinel API tracked object only exposes a subset of the standard account attributes. However, you may need to expose standard attributes that are not reachable yet. To do so, consider adding another mapping rule – similar to the one you've just created – that refers to the standard attribute you want to expose as well. 

When creating your mapping, please note that the attribute name syntax of standard attributes is different from that of custom attibute. The attribute name syntax of standard attributes looks like ${stenv['DXAGENT_ACCOUNT_<std attribute name>']}.

For example, ${stenv['DXAGENT_ACCOUNT_EMAIL']}  and ${stenv['DXAGENT_ACCOUNT_NAME']} map respectively the email and name of a standard account.

Update the mapping and route in Decision Insight

To update your DI dashboards with a custom or extra standard attribute, consider the following :

  1. Update the entity of the account with attributes that corresponds to the extra fields to be retrieved from Secure Transport.
  2. Update the mappings 04-ST-Integration > CreateAccount and 04-ST-Integration > UpdateAccount to add in as many parameters as you have extra attributes and set the operation for each of them. 
  3. The absorption route 04-ST-Integration > 01_AbsorbTrackedObject should be updated to manage these additional attributes

The screenshots below describe the changes to make to the CreateAccount mapping and the absorption route.


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