Global transfer performance

This dashboard is intended to provide an overview on both transfer performance and activity. It aims to tightly monitor unexpected situations and to warn the global administrator whenever it occurs.

Key analytics

In the left column, three metrics monitor:

  1. Abnormal volumes
  2. Inactive ST instances
  3. Failed transfers
What Why
  • Activity Today – This metric counts the activity volume based on the count of incoming and outgoing new transfers
  • High / Low Volume evaluation – This metric is fired whenever an abnormal high or low volume of activity is noticed globally during the day. The evaluation is built upon a classifier based on a 5-week period baseline.
Monitors the overall SecureTransport activity. Warns you in case of any abnormal volume activity that may indicate a risk of upcoming failures.
  • Inactive  ST instances count - This metric counts the number of inactive instances in SecureTransport.
  • The counter is associated to an evaluation flag that is either grey or red.
Critical to know at a glance if some ST instances are not responding.
  • Overall failures - This metric counts the number of permanent failures that having occurred since the beginning of the day.
  • The counter is associated to an evaluation flag that is either grey or red.

Click a metric to drill down into the Global failures today dashboard.

Monitors occurring file transfers. Useful for troubleshooting.

Analytics details

The central column provides more details into the key analytics.

Area Description
Top pagelet
  • Highlights the activity and status of the business units presenting permanent failures.
    The status raises situations where an abnormal volume of activity is noticed.
  • Helps you explore any existing correlation between noticed failures and abnormal activities at the business unit level.

Click a business unit to drill down into the Business Unit Transfer Performance dashboard.

Middle pagelet Provides the heartbeat status and activity of the ST instances of the monitored instance of ST.
Bottom pagelet


  • Business units that are impacted by today's failures.
  • The distribution of internal versus partner accounts for these business units.

Click a business unit name to drill down into the Business Unit Failures Today dashboard.

Complementary analytics

Area Description
Right column


  • Complementary metrics with the TOP10 most active business units with failures
  • Global intraday activity profile and its distribution versus partner or internal typed accounts

Click a business unit to drill down into the Business Unit Transfer Performance dashboard.

Bottom area Shortcut to the Business Units List report.

Global failures today

This is the drill-down dashboard accessible from within the Overall failures metric of on the Global Transfer Performance cockpit. It provides the main metrics and charts related to the permanent failures occurring today.

Area Description
Top-left column The Failed transfers pagelet displays the  overall count of permanent failures and failures rate. 
Middle column

Displays the top five impacted business units and protocols.

The failure events are charted along the day's timeline.

Top-right column

The top pagelet is a chart that displays the count of failed transfers variation along the variation for completed transfers.

The bottom pagelet dispays the top five most impacted ST instances with failure.

Bottom area

Lists permanent failures.

Click a transfer filename to drill down into the Transfer Detail dashboard.

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