Release Notes

Embedded Analytics for API Management Plus 20190412


This is the General Availability release of Embedded Analytics for API Management.

Supported version

This release can be deployed on Decision Insight v2.0.0 on release >= 20181224-01.

The following feature requests and customer defects have been addressed in this version.

Feature Request

  • [EASUPPORT-87] - EA4APIM - Align access model with API Manager to enable API providers to login and access metrics for the APIs and apps of their org
  • [EASUPPORT-91] - EA4API: Provision of User Definable Fields
  • [EASUPPORT-122] - EA4API - Alert email route should use properties, not hardcoded to, from.

Customer Defect

  • [EASUPPORT-98] - EA4API - HMHS Unexpected Exception
  • [EASUPPORT-99] - EA4API - [NetApp] Unable to Redirect to Dashboard from Gateway Instance list

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