Recover after an Axway Decicion Insight shutdown period

An Axway Decision Insight (DI) shutdown period can be caused, for example, by a maintenance operation or a DI failure.

If you configured  API Gateway following the procedures at Configure API Gateway, then API will retain transaction events for a long enough period of time so that no data is lost.

When DI starts again and the collectAndProcessEvents absorption route starts, Filebeat will automatically start sending all the transaction events that had not been sent to DI during the shutdown. DI then absorbs all subsequent events.

Although past events will be absorbed and their observed attributes and relations will be correctly provisioned in the default configuration, please note that DI will NOT (re)compute any attribute values in the past. This is done to prioritize the Live mode as (re)computation of old attributes values usually a lot of resources.

This configuration that prevents events from recomputing is achieved through the following parameters:

com.systar.krypton.scheduler.lateDataHandler.maximumNumberOfEvents= 0
com.systar.krypton.scheduler.lateDataHandler.maximumTimeToLive= 0

To force the (re)computing of past attributes values, in DI, go to Security & Monitoring > Computing

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