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Welcome to the Getting Started page to the Embedded Analytics for API Management version 2.2.2 (EA4APIM 2.2.2), released on June 7th, 2020

Important notice - ADI Apache Camel V3 support (eff. 12th April 2021)

From April 12th, 2021 release, Decision Insight (V2.0.0 BN20210412) will only support Apache Camel V3. This means that the late march release of Decision Insight (V2.0.0 BN20210329) will be the last to support Apache Camel 2.25.1. Because EA4APIM 2.2.1 currently utilizes the V2.25.1 Apache Camel Libraries, then customers using EA4APIM must not upgrade Decision Insight to any version beyond the Decision Insight V2.0.0 BN20210329 release.

An Apache Camel V3 supporting new release of EA4APIM (V2.3) is targeted for Q4 2021. Once migrated to the planned EA4APIM 2.3, then this restriction on Decision Insight versions will no longer apply. Note also that EA4APIM V2.3 will only be supported on Decision Insight releases that support Apache Camel 3.x (i.e. the Decision Insight V2.0.0 BN20210412 release or higher)

In the meantime, recommendation is to upgrade to Decision Insight V2.0.0 BN20210329 and the Embedded Analytics application to EA4APIM V2.2.2 before Q4 2021. This action will optimize the migration path to EA4APIM 2.3 once it is available

NOTE: To afford more flexibility to EA4APIM customers, the Decision Insight R&D team is extending the full "Maintained Support" period of the Decision Insight V2.0.0 BN 20210329 release from 6 to 9 months (expiring at the end of 2021 instead of September). 

Actions required from the end of life of Adobe Flash Player

Now that the end of life of Adobe Flash and Flex Players has passed, the following actions are advised in order to avoid subsequent disruption in the operation of the Axway products you use - including the Axway Decision Insight (ADI) platform that EA4APIM runs upon.

Impacts for Embedded Analytics customers:

For end users, Embedded Analytics solutions do not require access to any Flex based interfaces so should login to the already available HTML5 UI when using EA4APIM.

  • Most easily achieved by exchanging the /app URL component (used when signing in to EA4APIM via the Flex based UI) with /ui so following the URL format shown below:


For local administrative users who are required to maintain the user base of Embedded Analytics solutions, be advised that user management is already supported in ADI’s HTML5 interface.

  • Upgrading to Decision Insight V2.0.0 BN20210329 will ensure no loss of required administrative functionality.

For further information, please contact your Axway Support representative  in the first instance.


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