Customize Prebuilt Dashboards with business data


This topic provides guidelines on how to customize Prebuilt Dashboards to include business data that you need to analyze.

Configure API Gateway

In Policy Studio > Server Settings, enable the logging of a custom attribute that was created in a policy:


This enables the transaction event logs to record custom attributes: 

{"type":"transaction", [....],  "customMsgAtts":{"depot.product":"magnet"}, ...}

Access business data from within the data integration route

Customized business data can be accessed in the ADI collectAndProcessEvents routing context (space 04-API-Integration). A placeholder route for specific business data absorption has already been created (around line 230): 

  <route><from uri="direct:extractCustomMsgAttributes"/>       
    <!-- placeholder for custom msg attributes extraction -->
    <to uri="direct:processTransactionLegs"/>   

This route can simply be extended as follows to access and store business data for later processing in the mappings: 

  <route><from uri="direct:extractCustomMsgAttributes"/>
    <setHeader headerName="product">
    <to uri="direct:processTransactionLegs"/>   

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