Configure the API Usage observation period


API Usage dashboards are intended to identify the API consumption trends and provide analytics which can span over relatively long periods of time.

For those specific dashboards, you can configure the observation period to fit with your own context of use.

The API Usage cockpit dashboard above is covering an observation period set to the last 14 days, which means that all metrics displayed in the dashboard are related to that period. Also, traffic variation is calculated by comparing the latest period (the last 14 days) with the previous 14 days period.

Change the API Usage observation period

To modify the API Usage observation period, change the API_Usage_Observation_Period_In_Days property in the 07-API-Configuration space. You can change its value to use another observation period.

Next, start the updateAPIUsageObservationPeriod route to take the new property value into account.

By default, the application does not instantly recalculate the metrics on old data.To apply the new API Usage observation period  to the application from its start, you must manually trigger the computation over the past period.

To do that, go to Configure & Manage >> Platform >> Computing then flush the pending events using the "Flush all" button.





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