API Usage

Key metrics

Key dimension

Traffic - Number of transactions observed on the front-end API Gateways.

Consumption by end-users is a key indicator for measuring the overall activity. API
Active APIs - Number of APIs having at least 1 transaction observed over the period. Enables the API Product Manager to understand the adoption trends of the APIs they own. API

Active applications - Number of client applications having at least 1 transaction relating to the API monitoring scope over the period.

Enables the API Product Manager to measure adoption through the number of applications that are exposing the APIs. API

The monitoring scope corresponds to the scope of APIs the user is assigned to. For more information, see Manage user rights.

Observation period / Rhythm

The observation period is by default set to the last 14 days, but you can configure it using the application settings described in Configure the API Usage observation period.

Dashboards are refreshed every day.


API Usage cockpit

This dashboard is intended to provide insights into API adoption and consumption trends over time. With API Usage dashboards you are able to allow end users to oversee the activity related to all APIs or a predefined subset of APIs depending on the user logged in.

See Manage user rights for more information.

API list

This dashboard presents an exhaustive list of the existing APIs and the metrics that will allow you to get some basic information about their consumption trends.

API usage details

This dashboard presents more detailed information about how the API is consumed over the observation period. It also allows you to determine whether there is a consumption pattern over the daytime period and whether the API is error-prone or not.

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