API Infrastructure Health

Key metrics


CPU usage: Percent of CPU used by the API Gateway instance.

High CPU usage in some cases can present a risk of negative impact on the overall performance.
Disk usage: Percent of disk used by the API Gateway instance. High disk usage indicates that actions should be taken to manage disk space and thus keep the API Gateway instance running.
SLA breaches: Number of SLA breaches. When this number is not null, some SLA is not respected.

Traffic: number of transactions processed over the period.

Bytes exchanged: total bytes received and sent over the period.

Traffic and bytes exchanged are useful to measure the activity carried out by the API Gateway instance.

Latency: average time spent by transaction processing on the API Gateway instance. 

Latency is useful to foresee a potential bottleneck at the API Gateway instance level.

Observation periods / Rhythm

The observation period is the last hour.

Dashboards are refreshed every 5 minutes.


API infrastructure health cockpit

This home dashboard presents the activity from the infrastructure standpoint and the protocols used.It also highlights the API Gateway instances at risk, regarding resources consumption and availability.

Gateway instance health

This dashboard presents more detailed information about the API Gateway instance activity, and covers both the traffic observed on that API Gateway and the system resources used. Activity rate allows you to detect situations where the API Gateway remains inactive. However, an inactive API Gateway indicates that an API Gateway has not sent a heartbeat event to the monitoring application for more than 5 min. This means that activity rate does not allow you to detect short downtime periods (lower than 5 min).

Gateway instances list

This dashboard presents the list of API Gateways, their level of resources consumption and their activity status.

As of version 20190412-01, when a user clicks on the Gateway Instance, this will redirect the user to the Gateway Instance Health dashboard with the Gateway Instances and Group selected.

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