Axway EBICS Gateway 3.3.0 Release Notes

Document version: 5 July 2019

New features and enhancements

Support of EBICS protocol version 3.0

This version of EBICS Gateway implements version 3.0 of the EBICS protocol.

For more information, refer to "The EBICS standard" in the Axway EBICS Gateway 3.3.0 Administrator Guide.

Support of real-time instant payment exchange with EBA Clearing RT1 service

Only available if you are using the Embedded application server or an EAP cluster.

This version of EBICS Gateway supports instant payments. On the EBICS protocol layer, it is implemented as a synchronous transfer: the payload is transferred back to the EBICS Client as part of the protocol response.

EBICS Gateway can act as both an Instant Payment EBICS Client and an Instant Payment EBICS Server.

LDAP support

Only available if you are using the Embedded application server.

In this version of EBICS Gateway, you can use an external LDAP v3 server (such as Microsoft Active Directory or Open LDAP) to provide Identity and Access Management.

To use this option, you must choose the "LDAP" option during installation.

All user and group administration is then done through the LDAP management UI. EBICS Gateway delegates user authentication to the LDAP server. The LDAP group membership is used by EBICS Gateway to determine permissions.

Export customer data, order data, and logs

Only available if you are using the Embedded application server or an EAP cluster.

EBICS Gateway includes an export.war file that enables you to export customer data, order data, and logs from the internal EBICS Server database.

Fixed issues

This section lists issues specifically resolved in this release.

Fixed security vulnerabilities

Case ID Internal ID CVE ID Description

Issue: Unreleased resources: stream.

Resolution: Streams are released properly.

Other fixed issues

Case ID Internal ID Description
00970424 RDEBICS-2702

Issue: Search in Files with state 'Not OK' takes too long. Any specified 'Period from' and 'Period to' parameters are ignored, so the search is performed on the entire database.

Resolution: Fixed. Now, the filter with From – To parameters functions correctly.

00974294 RDEBICS-2749

Issue: Logging issues with Keycloak. When logging off from the EBICS Gateway Admin UI, and then logging in again, error messages that contain "org.keycloak.adapters.OAuthRequestAuthenticator" were generated in the server.log.

This was just a logging issue with no impact on functionality.

Resolution: Fixed.

00974684 RDEBICS-2724

Issue: Starting with EBICS Gateway 3.2.1, Windows service mode no longer worked. This was due to a change made by WildFly.

Resolution: The service mode scripts have been fixed and the Administrator Guide has been updated.

00981906 RDEBICS-2796

Issue: "Axway Gateway Post-processing (deprecated)" no longer works.

Resolution: Post-processing scripts in the program/send/script folder are now handled correctly. Transfer CFT and Gateway samples are again provided in the program/send/sample and program/send/server folders. The data/send folder is used as a working directory for post-processing.


Issue: When using the embedded EBICS Client, the generated initialization letters did not show the Axway logo.

Resolution: The Axway logo is now shown in the initialization letters.


Issue: When triggering a send transfer from a Directory scanning, using the EBICS Client plugin, and setting the "D-File only" toggle, if the Signer user is defined, the transfer is unexpectedly an O-transfer.

Resolution: Now, the triggered transfer is a D-File, as expected.


Issue: For the Embedded application server, when using Keycloak as Identity Provider, it was not possible to use the same login username for WEB-UI and command line tools. If you used the same login name, any commit actions by the command line tools remained in the waiting state.

Resolution: Fixed. Credentials are now handled correctly.


Issue: Initialization fails with the EBICS Client plugin if the order number is specified in the connection parameters for an existing bank connection.

Resolution: Fixed. Now you can override the order number during the initialization process.


Issue: EBICS Client does not provide information about the file in Sentinel send notifications.

Resolution: The pathname to the file is now available in the Sentinel notification.


Issue: Wrong product name is displayed on the Web browser tab when the session is logged off because the same user has logged on using another browser.

Resolution: The correct product name is now displayed on the Web browser tab.


Issue: Embedded application server only. jboss-cli.bat|sh fails to connect to WildFly because it uses management port 9999 instead of 9993.

Resolution: The jboss-cli.xml file is now updated correctly by the Configuration tool.


Issue: Invalid and inconsistent HCS request sent by an EBICS client generates valid status at the EBICS protocol level, but generated an internal error on the EBICS Gateway side.

Resolution: Fixed.


Issue: When using API Gateway as JMS Server with the EAP application server, it is not possible to use the API Gateway GUI to send real-time messages.


In API Gateway 7.5.3 SP8, you can now use the GUI  to send the real-time message.

For other versions of API Gateway, use the REST API to send the real-time message.

Alternatively you can use ActiveMQ as the JMS Server.

Known issues

Case ID Internal ID Description
01018382 RDEBICS-2929

Issue: The injector is not able to delete an account without an IBAN.

01022091 RDEBICS-2961

Only if you are using the EBICS 3.0 protocol.

Issue: When performing post-processing that includes a BTF definition, a Java ClassCastException is thrown.

01027166 RDEBICS-2990

Issue: The injector is only able to create a French or German account from an IBAN. It is not possible to use the injector to create an account for any other country with an IBAN ("string out of range" error message).

01029422 RDEBICS-3004

Issue: The supplier fails to supply for accounts that are not in EUR.

01068955 RDEBICS-3115

Issue: Server returns a 061099 (EBICS_INTERNAL_ERROR) when performing a send transaction.

When EBICS Client does not have the right bank keys and attempts a send, EBICS Gateway returns a 061099 EBICS_INTERNAL_ERROR message instead of the message 91008 EBICS_BANK_PUBKEY_UPDATE_REQUIRED.

To resolve the error, update the bank keys.

01069863 RDEBICS-3117

Only if you are using the Embedded application server.

Issue: Windows service no longer functions after upgrading EBICS Gateway. This happens because the Windows service directory defined in the previous version no longer exists.


  • Restore the <EBICS Gateway install dir>\applicationServer\bin\service directory from your backup of the previous version.
  • Restart the Windows service.

For more information, refer to Run the Embedded application server as a Windows service in the Axway EBICS Gateway 3.3.0 Administrator Guide.


Issue: The EBICS Protocol requires the EBICS server to support the cipher suite TLS_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA. For the Embedded application server, Axway has decided not to enable this cipher suite by default because it is considered to be too weak. Other available cipher suites are more common.

Resolution: If, for compatibility reasons, you need to use this cipher suite, it is possible to modify the WildFly configuration. For details, contact Axway Support.

RDEBICS-2822 Issue: If you are using LDAP, when logging off from the EBICS Gateway UI, multiple errors are thrown. The error is due to a Wildfly/LDAP login module code. For more details, see

Issue: Privilege issue with the installer in graphical mode. On Windows, if you run the EBICS Gateway installer without admin rights you will be asked to overwrite existing files.

Workaround: You must have administrator privileges and select the Run as administrator option when you run the install command.


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