Axway EBICS Gateway 3.1.0 Release Notes

Document version: 28 February 2018

New features and enhancements

  • Security
    • TLS 1.2 enforcement: TLS 1.2 is the default TLS protocol for EBICS Gateway.
    • TLS 1.2 is mandatory by default (but can be relaxed) for following connections:
      • GUI (client and server)
      • EBICS channel (client and server)
      • Tools connection (server)
      • PassPort connection (client and server)
    • Many security improvements have been made following internal security audits
  • EBICS Gateway Client
    • Support of EBICS Renew feature
    • Support of EBICS Suspend feature
    • Support of Reset (suspend a subscription locally)
  • EBICS Gateway Server
    • Support of EAP for cluster configuration
    • GUI, EBICS channel, and tools connections are on different ports and can be configured separately
    • Incremental purge feature, to reduce resource consumption during heavy purges
    • Injector, Supplier and Purge now show their version in the log at startup
    • Supply is greatly improved (better concurrency handling and session optimization)
    • Optional encryption of data at rest using XML encryption. When set:
      • All files received from customers are stored encrypted on disk
      • Axway Generic Fetch and Axway Generic ZIP Fetch handlers dynamically decrypt files supplied encrypted

Fixed problems

This section lists corrections since EBICS Gateway 3.0.1. For details of corrections included in a service pack or patch, refer to the corresponding Readme file available from the Axway Support website.

Case ID Internal ID Description
777784 D-92543

Error after unlock

Unlocking a locked user could produce errors on EBICS Gateway Server. This has been fixed.

800326 D-94026

EBICS Gateway to PassPort connection via API should support TLS1.2

EBICS Gateway now connects to the PassPort API strictly in TLS 1.2 (can be relaxed if needed).

800561 D-92609

File names with spaces in datadir

Some files received from customers could be stored with a space inside the file name. File name components are now trimmed.


Installer on AIX could not find shared (X11) libraries

When ./ was launched, the installer could not find shared libraries. Fixed by using Axway Installer 4.9.


Incorrect ordering of Sentinel notifications on post-processing

Sentinel notifications during post-processing could be sent in a non-chronological order. They are now sent in the correct order.


Timeout on fetch of large files (EBICS Client)

Timeout has been set to better match EBICS server's response time on big payload fetch requests.


Supply fails with file transfer strategy=Move and makes infinite attempts

Under rare conditions, generic Supply with file.transfer.strategy=move fails to supply the file and enters into infinite attempts of supply, all failing.

The move method has been updated to be more flexible


No user available in Quick Tools tab

In EBICS Gateway Server, the User link is not available under the Quick Tools tab when users need to be released.

The User link is now present in Quick Tools when needed.


Post processing after two A-signatures in error

Post processing would fail if the payload was signed with 2 First signatures (Type A). This has been fixed.


When purging with the nozip option, the data store is not purged

The nozip option now works and removes files as expected.

Known issues

Case ID Internal ID Description
773536 D-90910

Problem with the domain/login option

EBICS Gateway Server and tools currently only handle one domain (the default one).


Installation of EBICS Gateway blocks after going back to first step

When going back to the first installation step and moving forward, the installer blocks, and displays the message "Nothing to do".


Incorrect Sentinel notifications on Gateway post-processing

Sentinel notifications sent on Gateway post-processing can occur in the wrong order.


Client fails to connect to Secure Relay 2.6

EBICS Gateway Client currently does not support the latest versions of Secure Relay (2.6 and above).


Uninstallation of the upgrade pack from EBICS Gateway 3.0.1 is not working correctly

If you want to uninstall the upgrade, we recommend that you restore your own backup of the 3.0.1 version. For details, refer to the Upgrade chapter in the Installation Guide.


Supplied files fail during failover

In a cluster configuration, if the node on which a supply is ongoing fails, the supplied file is put in the failed directory instead of being retried on the next available node.


Purge of send files slows during execution

When purging more than 1000 send files, the number of files purged per second will reduce over time during the execution.

The workaround is to set the Archive File Count to 500(--archiveFileCount 500) when purging send files.


Self registration with PassPort requires connection to GUI

When you follow the procedure "Create admin user in PassPort" (described in the Installation Guide), you must first start EBICS Gateway Server and then open a browser to display the EBICS Gateway Server GUI. Without this action, no self-registration is done.


This section describes documentation enhancements and related documentation.

Documentation enhancements

This release of EBICS Gateway includes the following documentation changes:

  • Administrator Guide: Some sections of this document have been reorganized with the aim of improving the structure. This affects both EBICS Gateway Client and EBICS Gateway Server. Various corrections and improvements have been made throughout the document.
  • Installation Guide: This document now includes upgrade information. Various corrections and improvements have been made throughout the document.
  • Security Guide: This is a new document that provides instructions and recommendations to help you strengthen the security of EBICS Gateway.

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