If for any reason you need to contact Axway Support, you should provide the product name and version number as well as information about your environment.

Check the version number of EBICS Client

In the EBICS Client GUI, click your user name in the top-right corner of the page and select About.

The product name and version number are displayed.

The version number is also displayed at the bottom of the left-hand side panel.

Consult logs

To access the log files, go to:

  • <EBICS Client install dir>/data/log/ebicsclt-edge.log
  • <EBICS Client install dir>/data/log/ebicsclt-model.log
  • <EBICS Client install dir>/data/log/ebicsclt-ui.log

Configure log levels

You can set the log levels according to the log messages you want to receive.

The following levels are available:

  • INFO
  • WARN
  • OFF

Modify log levels as follows:

  1. Edit the following properties in the <EBICS Client install dir>/data/conf/ file.
  2. Replace INFO with the required level:

    #Log level for backend services

    #Log level for GUI services

    #Log level for proxy services

Regenerate internal EBICS Client certificates

After some time, the internal EBICS Client TLS certificates will expire (usually several years), and no longer be valid.  In this case you must generate new certificates.

Use the Generate certificates option available in the Configuration tool to regenerate certificates. For details, see Keystore and Truststore Configuration.

Cannot start EBICS Client - Oracle database errors

Problem: EBICS Client does not start and you have Oracle database errors indicating that some tables have not been found.

Cause: EBICS Client has failed to start during the initialization of the database. This behavior is because of Flyway, which detects tables inside the recycle bin of the user if not purged, and then considers that the database already exists (even if the only data is in the recycle bin) and does not create any table.

Solution:  Empty the Oracle recycle bin.  Make sure that the Oracle user defined for EBICS Client is totally empty (i.e. no tables exist and the recycle bin is empty).

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