Decision Insight 2.0.0 HTML availability index

This page tracks all the screens/features available in the Decision Insight Flex view and provides the status for the  HTML equivalent view. Some actions can also be done without accessing the interface. Please access the Workarounds page for more details.

Please note that all screens that have not yet been migrated to the HTML view remain accessible using the Axway Desktop Client utility

Features index

Menu location Feature HTML last update Complete
Dashboards Access and navigate the dashboards 20180122 (tick)
Dashboard edition Manage dashboards and content

User profile Access and edit his own profile 20181224 (tick)
Configuration > Administration > Application

Manage application details and versions

20210215 (tick)
Configuration > Administration > Logo Manage application logos 20180402 (tick)
Configuration > Administration > Spaces Manage application spaces 20200120 (tick)
Configuration > Administration > Roles Manage application roles 20190408 (tick)
Configuration > Administration > Users Manage application users 20200706 (tick)
Configuration > Model > Entities List entities 20190819

Manage entities, observed attributes and relation

Manage computing

Manage purge at entity level

Configuration > Model > Classifiers Manage classifiers

Configuration > Model > Rhythms Manage rhythms 20200511 (tick)
Configuration > Model > Calendars Manage calendars

Configuration > Dashboards > Perspectives Manage perspectives

Configuration > Dashboards > Images Manage images 20201012 (tick)
Configuration > Dashboards > Iconsets List and display iconsets 20200316
Manage iconsets

Configuration > Dashboards > Style templates Manage style templates

Configuration > Dashboards > Pagelets Manage pagelet default style template settings

Configuration > Dashboards > Computing options Manage active computing period

Configuration > Dashboards > Notifications options Manage default DIMS server for notification

Monitoring & Support > Monitoring > Current activity Display current activity monitoring statistics 20180903 (tick)
Monitoring & Support > Monitoring > Activity report Display historical activity monitoring statistics 20180903 (tick)
Monitoring & Support > Monitoring > Computing Manage computings and precomputings 20181224 (tick)
Monitoring & Support > Support > Support archives Create, download and delete a support archive 20181022 (tick)
Monitoring & Support > Support > Shell Access shell UI and use shell commands 20181112 (tick)
Monitoring & Support > Support > About Display basic information about the Decision Insight deployed node, access advanced information 20180416 (tick)
Data integration > Endpoints > Connectors

Manage existing connectors

  • refresh a connector
  • edit a connector details
Create and delete connectors

Data integration > Endpoints > Mappings List mappings 20200622
Manage mappings

Data integration > Endpoints > Libraries Manage libraries

Data integration > Endpoints > Queries Manage queries

Data integration > Endpoints > Notifiers Manage notifiers

Data integration > Automation > Triggers Manage triggers 20191223
Data integration > Transformations > Routes

Manage routes runtime

  • start / stop / force stop a route
  • manual injection
Edit, create, delete a route

Data integration > Transformations > States

Manage states runtime

  • view states
  • clear a "Set" state

Edit, create, delete state

Data integration > Transformations > Resources

Manage existing resources

  • edit content of an existing resource
Create, delete resource

Data integration > Transformations > Properties Manage existing properties 20191223
Create, delete property

Data integration > Runtime > Logs Access routes logs 20191223 (tick)
Notifications Manage notifications 20190708 (tick)

Deprecated features

Dashboards > Pagelets > Search pagelet

The "Search" pagelet won't be migrated as the HTML representation for parameter enables a better display of the filters.

Dashboards > Pagelets > Instance viewer pagelet

The "Instance viewer" pagelet is a lab pagelet and has no vocation of being into a production application as it allows to alter runtime data. It won't be ported to the HTML view.

Dashboards > Pagelets > New dashboard pagelet

The "New Dashboard" pagelet does not make sense in production. New dashboard creation access will be reworked to take this into account.

Configuration > Model > Attributes

The "Attributes" menu is redundant with the Model editor and the Documentation.

Configuration > Model > Diagram

As dependencies can be explored through Documentation, the model diagram will not be migrated to HTML.


The "Explore" menu will not be ported to HTML. 

Data integration > Endpoints > Events

Events in their current form will not be migrated to the HTML view. We recommend to using Data integration triggers in place of events.

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