Decision Insight 2.0.0 20201026 release notes

Hotfix 03 delivered on December 17th, 2020


ADI Desktop Client is replaced by the Axway Desktop Client

Due to limitations in distribution entitlements, the Decision Insight Desktop Client can no longer be used. It is now replaced with the Axway Desktop Client.

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New features and enhancements

For application developers

Decision Insight Desktop Client is replaced by the Axway Desktop Client

Following official announcement regarding the Flash end of life impact on Axway Decision Insight, the Decision Insight Desktop Client cannot be distributed. It has been replaced by the Axway Desktop Client, for which customer must provide their own version of the pepflashplayer.dll  file (version or below).

Please note that the Axway Desktop Client allows access to the Flex view for any version of Decision Insight. It is also compatible with identity providers requiring access to non-ADI URLs for authentication.

Learn how to Access the Flex view using the Axway Desktop Client

Fixed issues

Fixed security vulnerabilities

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node-fetch dependency updated

To prevent potential threats, node-fetch has been upgraded from 1.7.3 to 2.6.1

Other fixed issues

Hotfix 03

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Deletion summary is not displayed on HTML UI import screen

A regression made the deletion summary screen no more displayed when importing

Hotfix 02

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Support case



01174519 Major

Orphaned instances after purge (fixed)

In some cases corrupted data made dashboards fail to read details of instances, such as valid time and attribute values. This resulted in blank lines appearing in dashboards.

01202942 Major

Some pagelets are failing with a "An internal error occurred while processing the query" error in the HTML view

In some specific cases, pagelets created before 20200330 release and viewed after this release could not be displayed correctly. It was still possible to display the dashboard but with an error displayed on the pagelet


Incorrect weekday name displayed in the rhythm configuration screen HTML view

When displaying the details of week based rhythm, the starting day was incorrect in the HTML view.


Unavailable screens after an application error

After an application error (for instance, if the user displays a dashboard before its creation), some configuration screens were not being displayed


Computings section could not be displayed in some cases

When there were pending events with no defined recomputing interval, display of the Computings section in the Monitoring and Support menu would fail

01181034 Minor

Chart datatip could be partially hidden in HTML view

A display issue would sometime the cause the datatip of chart to be overlaid by the top banner of the HTML view

Known issues



When installing a brand new node, please follow the Install a node manual.

When installing a hotfix or updating a node, please follow the Upgrade manual.

Support services

The Axway Global Support team provides worldwide 24 x 7 support for customers with active support agreements. 

Email or visit Axway Support at

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