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Why can't I create an application before a certain date?


It is not possible to create an application or any dashboard before the date defined by the parameter com.systar.titanium.initialPeriodValidTimeEnd in the file.

Make sure the value of this parameter is set before the date for which you will receive any data as well as the date you want your application to be valid on.

Example 1 : if the deployment is set-up on 2014-04-20, but past data up to 2014-04-15 is injected, then configure the date for 2014-04-15

Example 2 : if the deployment is set-up on 2014-04-20, but you wish to create a dashboard valid from 2014-04-10, then configure the date for 2014-04-10


(warning) If you have already injected data, you will have to clear it all for the change to initialPeriodValidTimeEnd to be taken into account.

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