Use the time machine

In Axway Decision Insight (DI), the time machine enables you to look at the state of your data at any moment in time, which makes it a powerful tool for data analysis. 

The time machine is displayed on the top right side of any dashboard screen. The time machine can be further subdivided into four areas.

# Description

Live or playback mode

In Live mode, the data in your dashboard will refresh automatically based on your dashboard rhythm. For example, if your dashboard rhythm is set to 5 minutes, the dashboard data refreshes automatically every 5 minutes.  The progress bar underneath the date/hour picker lets you know how much time you need to wait until the dashboard refreshes itself.  

Click Pause to prevent your dashboard from refreshing. In paused mode, you will be able to click Back or Forward to look at the previous or the next snapshot of your dashboard data.


Imagine you have a dashboard rhythm set to 5 minutes, and the current time is 11.18AM . Your dashboard displays your dashboard state as it was at 11.15AM . Click Previous to see the state of your dashboard at 11.10AM . Press Play again, to go back to live mode you dashboard data is automatically updated at 11.20AM .


Time picker

Lets you observe the state of your dashboard data at the date and time of your choice. For example, you can observe the state of your dashboard data 2 days ago at 6.00PM.


Time tags

Time tags are bookmarks pointing to a specific dashboard at a specific day and time. Thus, time tags allow you to have a quick one click-access to all the significant data that is important to you.

To add a time tag, navigate to the desired dashboard, and position to the time picker to the desired day and time. Click the time tags icon, then click Add.

Each time tag is displayed in a line with two columns:

Column 1: The day and time – Click the day and time to update the day and time of the dashboard you are currently viewing.

Column 2: A dashboard name – Click the dashboard name to see the specified dashboard on the corresponding day and time.

Your time tags are grouped by day and time in chronological descending order, that is from the most recent day and time to the oldest day and time.


Knowledge time

By default, the data displayed on your dashboard is set to reflect the most recent set of values. This corresponds to the Latest option in the Knowledge time pop-up box.

You can also select two other knowledge time options:

  • Real time offset – Display dashboard data based on the knowledge that DI had at the specified time. For example, if you select this option, then set the time machine to two hours ago, the data displayed will correspond to the knowledge of events that DI had two hours ago.
  • Specific time offset – Have the dashboard display data based on the knowledge that DI had at the time you specify onscreen.

For more information about knowledge time, see also Bi-temporality.

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