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Primary / Replica prerequisites

Hardware prerequisites

Make sure you have checked all the installation prerequisites.

Hardware prerequisites

All nodes (Primary and Replica) must have the same hardware configuration in term of CPU, memory and disk space. See Hardware prerequisites.

Software prerequisites

All nodes (Primary and Replica) must have the same operating system and the same Decision Insight release. In case the embedded JRE is not used (see How to change the JRE of a node?), then the same version of the JRE must be used on all nodes.

Network prerequisites

Two network interfaces must be available on all nodes of the Primary/Replica cluster.

The default interface is for the HTTP, JMX, ... data and is meant to be connected with other pieces of equipment that need to access to the deployment, like in the standalone deployment setup.

The second interface must be dedicated to internode communications. This network must not be accessible from outside the cluster. For each node, the IP of the interface of this private network must be specified in the node configuration in order to route all the internode traffic through this network. For information purpose, the following TCP/IP port will be used in this network:

  • 9010 (or other - configurable) for session sharing, redolog transfer, checkpoint transfer & distributed computing

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