Log configuration

Node logs

The default configuration of a node is to log all its activity in the node.lognode-error.log, node-lifecycle.log, integration.log, integration-error.log, ui.log and audit.log files. For more information about these files, see Access log files.

You can change the log settings in two ways:

  • Edit the <installation directory>/conf/log4j2.properties file – Your changes will take effect next time you start the node, and for all subsequent runs.
  • Configure logging via the Web interface – Your changes will be in effect only until you next restart the node.

Starting from release 20190217, the log4j2.properties file is used to configure the logs. Up until this release it was a log4j.properties  file but file formats are incompatible

Edit log4j2.properties file

Please refer to the official Log4j documentation to configure this file: Apache Log4J manual (external).

Use the Web interface

To access the Log configuration Web interface, by type http://<base url>/logs in the address bar of your browser.

To access this page,

  1. it has to be activated.
    For security reasons, this page is deactivated by default. For more information, see Manage access to debugging tool and logs
  2. you must have the Access cluster logs permission. For more information, see Managing rights.

This web interface enables users to modify the logging level of the various component of the node.

Data integration logs

Read Data integration settings to configure the size and location of the data absorption log files.

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