HTML Guide

The HTML View is the new standard for Axway Decision Insight (DI). The Flex technology used in the product is being phased out until the entirety of the product uses the HTML technology.


To ensure the product compatibility with the latest browser updates and enable us to develop more new features, Axway Decision Insight is currently being migrated to Javascript/HTML.

Considering the diversity of DI's product capabilities, and in order to provide an early access to these new technologies to you, the focus has been set on first delivering all the functionalities used by end-users. 

Supported browsers for HTML

Minimum resolution 1280 x 780 (at this resolution full screen is recommended).

  • Latest version of Google Chrome (official channel)
  • Latest version of Mozilla Firefox (official channel)
  • Latest version of Microsoft Edge

For edition with Flex, see Client-side prerequisites

Access Flex or HTML

Depending on your user profile, administrator or application builder or end-user, you may still need to have access to the Flex View:

Administrator (role with any admin right) or Application builder (role with any edition right)

If you're an administrator or an application builder, then you still need the Flex view to be your default entry point into DI because your job focuses on the administration or modification of the application.

With the Access FLEX application permission (see Managing rights), you will have access to both the FLEX view ( and the HTML view ( Default URL will redirect to the FLEX view.

Production environment

Administration tasks on a production environment can all be performed in the HTML view. Some of the screens are isofunctionnal with the FLEX view, some are still being migrated and only support a limited set of features, centered on the production use cases.

End-user (role with the Access the application and Data action rights)

This user only needs to access the HTML dashboard viewing feature.

Uncheck the Access FLEX application permission (see Managing rights) so the user will systematically be redirected to the HTML view ( when accessing the application.

HTML differences

It is important to note that the Flex view is not similar to the HTML view. Namely, the HTML view does not support the same capabilities as of the Flex view.

If you're an application builder, you will have to adapt your existing application. For more information, see How to adapt your application for the HTML experience.

To quickly check that your adapted dashboard works as expected, use the View as HTML button. For more information, see How to quickly validate the dashboard HTML Experience.

For a comprehensive list of the differences:

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