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How to use libraries in a context route

In some cases, it can be useful or mandatory to add a library to the classloader of a context route. For example:

To enable such use cases, you can associate a library to your context, which will be embedded into the classloader of you context route.

Manage libraries in a context route

When you edit a context route, to add a library to the classloader of a context route click the Edit hyperlink next to Libraries.

Note: the hyperlink is greyed out when you have no libraries in the space where you are also creating your routing context. 


  • Only available libraries from the current space can be selected.
  • The edit link is only enabled if there are available libraries on the current space.
  • Libraries linked to a context route are considered in use and can only be deleted after the link was removed. A tooltip provides information related to why the library cannot be deleted.
  • When you change the selected libraries, the context is restarted.


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