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How to display the values of an attribute over time in a data grid

The aim of this cookbook is to display a data grid containing the values of the acquiredLast30minCount attribute of the Process entity. This might be useful if you want to download the values of a chart in Excel format for example.

To display the data grid above, follow these steps:

  • Create a new DataGrid pagelet
  • Set the observation period to over interval > last 15 minutes
  • In Rows, add a new dimension based on attribute Process.acquiredLast30minCount
  • Select Filter tab in the left pane and change the time configuration to "that intersect Time Range" (= Retrieve occurences of acquiredLast30minCount that intersect Time Range)
  • In Data tab, remove the existing values and add Creation time of Process.acquiredLast30minCount. Change the time configuration to display the value when the attribute acquiredLast30minCount starts.
  • Click Done.
  • Click the "Add value" button to add a second column to the data grid
  • Select Process.acquiredLast30minCount and change the time configuration to when the attribute acquiredLast30minCount starts.
  • Click Done and save the dashboard.



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