How and when to perform housekeeping on the system

Preamble on housekeeping of Decision Insight

From a general standpoint and using the default configuration, Axway Decision Insight is designed not to require housekeeping at the system administration level as part of standard operations of the deployment.

Of course, standard housekeeping and monitoring of the host system is expected: available disk space, disk swap size, ghost processes, etc.

Cleaning up locked checkpoints

Locked checkpoints are useful to be able to revert a standalone node or a primary node at a specific state in the past. But old checkpoints prevent a node from deleting data files that were useful when the checkpoint was created but that are no longer relevant. Checkpoints that are not locked are automatically purged after a while. Locked checkpoints, however, are kept until they are unlocked.

As a consequence, you should keep the number of locked checkpoints as low as possible. You should also avoid keeping a checkpoint locked for too long.

To delete a locked checkpoint, simply unlock it. The node will delete it shortly after. Read Unlock a checkpoint for the procedure to unlock a checkpoint.

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