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Export a pagelet

In Axway Decision Insight (DI), you can export the text-based contents of a dashboard pagelet in its current state in either Excel or CSV format. 

Supported pagelets

The pagelet export tool is supported for the following pagelet types only:

Pagelet type Export file format
  • Datagrid
  • Activity

The data displayed follows the same layout as the pagelet.

For example, if you're exporting the results of a payments search, and you've sorted the results by descending amount in your pagelet, then the export file will also display the results based on your sort setting.

  • Instance
  • ImageMap
The data is displayed on one line only.

For more information about pagelet types, see Pagelet types.

Supported mashlets

The pagelet export tool supports only text-based mashlets. Classifier icons are exported as text. Charts, action button and relation editors will not be rendered.

For more information about mashlet types, see Mashlet types.

Export a pagelet

To export a pagelet, follow these steps.

Step Action
1 On the main menu, click the All dashboards button.
2 Select a dashboard.

Once you're on the desired dashboard screen, click the Actions button on the top-right side of your screen.

4 Click Export.The Export pagelet pop-up screen is displayed.
5 In the Locale drop-down, select the relevant locale. This is important for CSV export as the CSV separator varies from one locale to the next.
6 In the Time zone drop-down, select your time zone.

In the Pagelet list, hover over the different pagelets. As you hover on a pagelet in the list, the corresponding pagelet is highlighted in the dashboard. This is particularly useful if the pagelets in your dashboard are untitled.

Once you've found the pagelet to export, click Export to Excel or Export to CSV as needed.

8 When asked to save the file, click Yes. The pagelet export file is generated and you can choose where to save the file.
Maximum number of rows in a datagrid pagelet export 

In a dashboard, the maximum number of rows displayed in a datagrid pagelet is limited based on a setting. The default number is 500. However, when exporting a pagelet, the output file will contain all returned rows even if there are more than the default max results numbers in the list displayed on the user interface.

To limit the number of rows in a pagelet export, restrict the row count of a pagelet. For example, if the row count of a pagelet is limited to 100, then the export file for this pagelet will also contain 100 rows only. 

To modify the row count of a pagelet, follow these steps.

Step Action
1 Edit your pagelet.
2 On the left menu, click Format
3 In the maximum number of rows displayed text box, enter the maximum number of rows allowed for this pagelet. 
4 Click Done, then Save.

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