Default settings of dashboard parameters

This topic describes how and why dashboard default settings values may change depending on how you access a given dashboard. 

Visit a dashboard for the first time

When you visit a dashboard for the first time, the dashboard is displayed based on all of the dashboard parameters default values.

Visit a dashboard from the All dashboards screen

Once you've visited a dashboard and you access that dashboard again from the All dashboards screen, the dashboard is loaded based on the parameters that you set during your last visit. In this case, Decision Insight uses the cached parameter values to display the dashboard. 

For example, if you have a payment search dashboard, and you choose to filter the payments by currency, for example, EUR, the next time you open the payment search dashboard, the EUR currency will already be selected in the search by criteria pagelet.

You can access dashboards via hyperlinks with preset dashboard parameters already selected. For example, you could have a payment search dashboard with a URL for displaying results for the EUR currency, and another URL for displaying the payments realized in the US .

If you click an internal hyperlink to access a dashboard, but you had already opened that dashboard in the same browser window before, the dashboard parameters are initialized with the following algorithm:

  • For Entity type parameters:
    • If the hyperlink contains a value for this parameter, the value of the hyperlink is used
    • If the hyperlink does not contain a value (Not Set), then:
      • If the parameter is configured with a default value in the target dashboard configuration, this default value is used.
      • Otherwise, the parameter is initialized with no selected value.
  • For Attribute type parameters:
    • The function and value configured in the hyperlink are used, even if the value has been configured as Not Set in the hyperlink.
  • For Period type parameters:
    • The period configured in the hyperlink is used.

Special case

If the target dashboard has only parameters of type Entity, Classifier or Attribute, and all parameters are configured as Not Set, then all parameters are ignored and the hyperlink behaves the same way as accessing the dashboard from the All Dashboard page: cached values of parameters are used.

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