Dashboard timezone

The following feature applies only to dashboard viewing in the HTML view.

By default, dashboards use the browser's time zone to display date and time information. The time zone used for display is referenced by the label next to the time machine control . Rolling over this label, it is possible to have more details about the time zone (delay from UTC, related cities).

When dashboard display is aligned on the browser time zone, users in different locations will see dates formatted in their own time zone.

As an example, with a platform that have been installed with America/Los_Angeles (UTC-7), the default behavior will make every user see the dashboards formatted in their own time zone (UTC+02:00 for the user in the Europe/Paris timezone here).

To ease communication, it is possible to force the display of the dashboard to the server timezone. Whatever their locations, all user will then see the dashboard instants formatted in the server's timezone.

This behavior requires to set to true the following property com.systar.carbon.dashboard.server.timezone in conf/platform.properties.


When the property above is true, it will be applied to every users.

As an example, when you use the setting above with a platform that have been installed with America/Los_Angeles (UTC-7), every user will see the dashboard formatted in the same time zone.

Here is an example of a paused dashboard displayed on a computer with the Europe/Paris time zone but formatting dates/times with the server time which is America/Los Angeles on the 3rd, July 2020 at 2 p.m. UTC:

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