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Computing options

Use the computing options to increase the performance of Axway Decision Insight (DI). Modifying the computing options enables you to avoid recomputing. 

Active recomputing period

Only late data that intersects with the active period automatically triggers recomputing.  This option prevents massive resource consumption in case of accidental late data. 

Tip: Late data is data that comes in too late to Axway Decision Insight and that therefore does not trigger recomputing. Data is considered late or not depending on its Collect configuration. 

By default, the active recomputing period is limited to the current day.

To modify this setting, click the Configuration  icon and select Computing Options on the left menu in the Runtime Settings section.

Computing options are only available to authenticated users with the Access administration tools permission.

Attribute configuration changes (manually or by import) are not affected by this option and always trigger recomputing over the current version.

Options to configure the active period:

Option Content
Limited to

Recomputing limited to updates over the last period rounded to the beginning of the selected time unit.

For example:

  • current day: today
  • 2 hours: at the beginning of the hour, 2 hours ago.


Recomputing is never done.

Computing catchup phase is not affected by this option: it is considered as a first computing, not as a recomputing. For more information about catchup, see Catchup and What should I do when restarting my node after a long interruption?

Precomputing is affected by this option to avoid unwanted recomputing.

However, data injected outside the active period and ignored by the Precomputing cannot be recomputed using the Recompute button in the Computing monitoring screen. The only way to correctly recompute a precomputed attribute is to delete then re-create the precomputing.

Visual hints

See how late data updates trigger recomputing according to the configuration.

Instance creation or deletion

Member update

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