For a rhythmic attribute with a rhythm of one minute, when written the 10:02 value, it means the value is valid on [10:02 - 10:03[ (10:02 included, 10:03 excluded)

Availability for computing engine

When specifying a collect with a rhythm of 5 minutes and a lag of 3 minutes on an entity/member, this means, for the computing engine that :

Every 5 minutes, the instances of the entity / the values of the member are considered "fully" available on an interval of 5 minutes but 3 minutes later, namely @10:08, the instances are considered available for the interval ]10:00 - 10:05].

Consequence on computing time

A 1 minute-based inProcessCount would be computed @10:08 for the 10:01, 10:02, 10:03, 10:04 and 10:05 values.

Consequence on computing correction

Any data created, updated or deleted prior to 10:00 is considered as late and may trigger corrections.

Without collect

If an attribute has no input with collect and the computed attribute is rhythmic, scheduling rhythm is the slowest between the produced attribute and the default computing rhythm (see Default computing trigger management).

A 1 minute-based inProcessCount is "computed" at every tick of the scheduling rhythm with whatever instances are present at the time of the computing, i.e. the value valid on [10:00 - 10:01[ is computed @ 10:00.

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