Application version

Application versions are a means of managing the configuration history of an application. All versions can be exported, so you can easily retrieve past application versions.

Some elements in your application are not dependent on application versions because these element do not change through time. As a consequence, if you export an old version of your application, you will always get the latest value for these elements.These elements are:

  • Runtime settings (purge and computing options)
  • Users
  • Roles


An application version is defined by:


A phrase that summarizes changes made to the application in this version.

Valid time

The time interval during which this version is in effect:

  • The start date – The chosen creation date for the version. A version cannot start in the future. 

  • The end date – Computed as the time at which a newer version of the application is added.

About the current application version

The latest available version is called the current application version.  Any changes you make to an application are saved to the current application version.

Within an application version, all elements in your application are aligned at a specific time.

Important: Any change you make in an application – creating, updating and deleting items – is done at the valid time of the current application version. This means any change you make in an application is applied from the start of the current application version.

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