About dashboards

In Axway Decision Insight (DI), use the dashboards to have visibility over what's happening with your data. 

The data that can be displayed includes:

  • Any data collected by DI via data integration
  • Any data computed by DI
  • for each piece of data, some time-related information, for example:
    • Time since specific data was known
    • Age of data in the application
    • Creation date
    • Deletion date 

With DI dashboards, you can not only display the current live status of the data in your application, but you can also observe the state of your data at different points in time thanks to the time machine, for example, you can observe the state of a transaction at creation date or see its last available value before the transaction was closed.  For more information about the time machine, see Use the time machine.

Specific dashboard types

The home dashboard

The home dashboard is a standard dashboard that functions as a home page or dashboard directory list to the other DI dashboards. A good DI dashboard should contain key metrics and links to other dashboards that are relevant to you and your user role in general.

If you are unhappy with your current home dashboard and would like to modify it, please contact your DI admin so they can modify it for you. 

The mini-dashboard

The mini-dashboard displays live values for selected key metrics. You can expand it at any time by clicking the mini-dashboard button on the top bar. Thus, the mini-dashboard enables you to keep a constant eye on what's happening to your data in real-time while allowing to keep working on any other DI screen at the same time.  

mini-dashboard button

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