How to change the cluster ID?

This page explains how to change a cluster ID.

Starting from release 20161107 the Axway Decision Insight installer will no longer ask for a cluster identifier, but proceed to generate one for you. However, if your license is bound to a limited set of cluster identifiers (which would have been provided to you upon purchase), you would need to use one of those identifiers for your license to be taken into account.

How to provide your own cluster identifier

Through the installer

If you provide a response file at installation time, the installer will use the cluster identifier from the file.

Manually update the configuration before node first start

Modifying the cluster identifier after a node's first start will prevent the node from reading its data and the node will not be able to start.

To restore a node to its initial state, use the process described in How to reset the data of a node to a freshly installed state?

Edit NODE_DIRECTORY/conf/ and change the value of com.systar.gluon.clusterId to the cluster identifier you want to use.

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