Hardware prerequisites

This page lists the Axway Decision Insight hardware prerequisites.

Only x86-64 architectures are supported (also known as x64 and amd64). Power and Sparc architectures are not supported.

As a consequence AIX systems are not supported.

Production environment

The production environment can be based either on physical or on virtual systems.

Physical deployment

Requirement Typical configuration
Chassis - 1U - Dell PowerEdge R420
CPU 2x Quad-Core or Hexa-Core CPU 2 x Intel® Xeon® E5-2440
RAM 32 GB to 64 GB RAM 4 x 16GB RDIMM, 1600 MHz
RAID Card Hardware RAID card, 512 MB to 1 GB battery-backed cache PERC H710 Integrated RAID Controller, 512MB NV Cache
HDD 2+ TB of 15k RPM HDD 4 x 600GB, SAS 6Gbps, 15K RPM - in RAID 0
Network 2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports On-Board Broadcom 5720 Dual Port 1GBE

Virtual deployment

No requirements in terms of hypervisor. However, please note that the deployment has been tested on Linux and Windows on VMware 4.x and 5.x only.

CPU 8x to 16x vCPU Dedicated vCPUs are highly recommended. Decision Insight is an active application that generates a constant load.
RAM 32 GB to 64 GB RAM No ballooning, because this strongly impacts the performance of the Java VM.
SAN 2+ TB on SAN - Tier 0

Cloud deployment

You can deploy Decision Insight on most cloud providers. Here are the requirements for two leading cloud providers:

Amazon Web Service EC2 Microsoft Azure

Amazon Linux standard  AMI 2016.09.0 or later

type C4 : compute optimized (see this page )

  • c4.8xlarge or c4.4xlarge

Standard D5 v2 (16 cores, 56 GB memory)

Standard F16/F16s (16 cores, 32 GB memory)

(read Azure VM sizes for more details)

vCPU 16 (c4.4xlarge) to 36 (c4.8xlarge) 16
RAM 30 GB ( c4.4xlarge) to 60GB ( c4.8xlarge) 32 GB (F16) to 56 GB (D5 v2)
Storage 2 TB+ SSD (general purpose) 2 TB+ SSD (general purpose)

PoC / Test environment

The following characteristics are required to support a proof-of-concept deployment:

Minimum requirement Typical configuration
CPU 2 vCPU 4 vCPU to 8 vCPU
RAM 8 GB 16 GB to 32 GB
HDD 100 GB 200 GB to 500 GB

These characteristics are indicative only and need to be reviewed depending on the PoC scope: volume of data, history depth, granularity & complexity of the analysis, etc.

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