Automatic process

Not usable on replica nodes

Depending on the type of the file located in the var/data/carbon-provisioning/autoimport/incoming directory, the process can do Application import or Users provisioning.

The type of provisioning is guessed from the file extension:

  • a file ending with .appx indicates an application import file. E.g. HVP_Operational_Supervisor_Intraday.appx.
  • a file ending with .user.xml indicates a user provisioning file. E.g. list.user.xml.

You can have many different files of different types in the import directory.


The node checks for new files in the var/data/carbon-provisioning/autoimport/incoming directory.

  • When the node starts.
  • And then every 15 seconds.

If there are files in the directory when the node starts, components which have dependencies on the com.systar.carbon.provisioning.AutomaticPlatformProvisioning interface will start only after these files have been processed (whatever the result of the process).

Set the import valid time

By default, an application is imported as a new application version at the valid time specified in the .appx file if this is the first import or it overwrites the latest application version of an already imported application.

To prevent a catchup recomputation batch that might be too big, you can override the import valid time, if this is the first import. Just add a .properties file with the same name and in the same directory as the .appx file:

--- var/data/carbon-provisioning/autoimport/incoming
		|---- myApp.appx

The only property to specify is the importDate:

importDate=-7 days
importDate=-3 hours

Processing order

When files of different types are detected, the files are processed in the following order:

  1. Files for user provisioning,
  2. Files for global application provisioning, imported on behalf of user admin (when the file is placed directly in the incoming directory),
  3. Files for user application provisioning, imported on behalf of a specific user (when the file is placed in a subdirectory of the incoming directory).

If several files of same types are detected, they are sorted on their names and processed in this order.

Add-on use case

 A full application file can be imported before an other one with some more contents (add-on) by simply naming them in alphabetical order.


  • a_MyFullApplication.appx
  • b_MyApplication_AddOn.appx 

The full app will be imported before the add-on.

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