Upgrade a cluster or standalone node from versions earlier than 20180416

If you are using a version previous to 20180416, then when you upgrade a cluster or standalone node, your application will start using application versions and the first version of your application is created. 

Do you require assistance?

Before starting an upgrade, best practice is determining whether you need help from Axway. Answer the following:

  • Did Axway professional services help in the initial deployment or a previous upgrade?
  • Are you upgrading to a version that is six or more versions later than your current version?
  • Have you implemented changes that make your environment atypical or unique?
  • Are you unsure whether in-house resources have the necessary technical expertise?

If you answer "yes" to one or more of these questions, or are unsure, contact your Axway account executive or technical support to discuss options.

Impact of application versions

The upgrade to 20180416 or later results in the creation of your first application version which is from then on your starting point for data capture, analysis, and dashboards. 

New default applicability date

The valid time of your first application version, that is the time from which your application version becomes valid,  is calculated by finding the latest modification to your application. Upgrading Decision Insight thus changes the previous Default applicability date date of your application to the date and time at which you last modified your application.

As a consequence, once the first application version is created, you can no longer modify elements of your application that are older than the application version date. 

Within your new application version, all elements in your application are aligned at a specific time. Any change you make in an application – creating, updating and deleting items – is done at the valid time of the current application version.


The default applicability date of your application is September, 14th 2014.

The last time you modified your application was in January, 8th 2017 by doing an application re-import.

When you migrate to 20180416 or later, your first application version is created with a valid time of January, 8th 2017. You can no longer modify configuration data, for example dashboards, that is older than January, 8th 2017.

Ensure you can still modify your data

If you have data, for example, dashboards, routes, or mappings older  than the valid time of your application and you still want to be able to modify them, follow these steps:

  1. Export your application.
  2. Re-import your application and set the import date to the best moment that will allow you to keep modifying your dashboards, routes, mappings, etc.
  3. Upgrade your Decision Insight node to version 20180416 or later. Your first application version is created and on the Applications screen, the Valid From field is set to the moment in time where you re-imported your application in the previous step. You are still able to modify the elements of your application.

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