Upgrade a cluster or standalone node form versions earlier than 20190624

If you are using a version previous to 20190624, then when you upgrade a cluster or standalone node on Linux or Windows,  your nodes will be able to benefit from a number of new scripts that automate node installation and node upgrade. Namely, the node-deploy,  and tnd-upgrade scripts.

However, before you can use one of these scripts, when you are first updating from a version earlier than 20190624, you will have to upgrade your node(s) using the standard GUI installer of the version you want to upgrade to. Once your standalone node or cluster has been updated to 20190624 or later, you will be able to perform all subsequent future node upgrades using the CLI upgrade method. 

For more information about the upgrade procedure, see Upgrade a node on Linux or Windows.

For more information about the node-deploy script, see CLI node installation.

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