Part 2 - Time, a brief introduction

In Part 1 - Build a working application, you imported data into your application, verified its accuracy, and built a dashboard. You may not have taken a critical look at the information on that dashboard yet. 

A user in an operational role would look for more than just reporting the information as it arrived in the solution. They would expect to see something that would connect that information to their business.

This part of the tutorial takes you one step closer to that business operational view by showing you how to add time as metadata for the information ingested by your route.

In Part 2, you will:

  • Introduce dashboard controls for time. 
  • Add a time value to the search dashboard. 
  • Understand the concept of closing instances. 
  • Walk through the creation of a cloned pagelet. 
  • Explore time configuration and visual hints. 
  • Investigate the reasons for missing dashboard values. 

This involves learning several new concepts. Some of them might seem complex at first, but practice will make them easier to use.

Below, you can access each section of the second sprint:

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