Part 1 - Build a working application

The first part guides managers and less-technical people through a series of steps that start with creating an empty application, and end with a working application complete with data and a search dashboard.

In this part, you will:

  • Create an application in Decision Insight.
  • Create an Order entity for keeping track of purchase orders.
  • Define attributes and a key for the Order entity. 
  • Build a route to the resource for Order test data.
  • Learn how to make frequent backups of your application.
  • Define the mapping that directs the route to your entity.
  • Learn some aspects of time management in the application. 
  • Successfully run your data integration route. 
  • Consult logs for visibility into the actions of your route. 
  • Verify the accuracy of the data. 
  • Build and test a search dashboard.

This will be a significant accomplishment. However, this part represents a very small portion of an overall business workflow process. The next part will add new data that will broaden that perspective.

Below you can access each section of the first part:

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