Notifier configuration

Notifiers are a notification tool that you can use to forward notifications in a variety of ways (mail, DIMS, SNMP...). The notification process produces notifier instances which are then consumed by a route endpoint. 

A notifier also defines the fields that are generated when a notification is sent. 

Access the notifiers screen

To access the Notifiers screen in Axway Decision Insight (DI):

  1. On the main menu, click the Data Integration icon .
  2. On the left menu, click Notifiers.

The Notifiers menu is only displayed to users with the data integration right. For more information about rights, see Managing rights.

Create a notifier

Notifier name

You will reference your notifier by its name in the notification and in the route.

The notifier name can contain only numbers, letters, dots and underscore, and must be unique.

Notifier exposed fields

A notifier defines the exposed fields that will be:

  • Filled by a notification. The user creating a notification will set the values of the exposed fields. The exposed fields will be referenced by their labels.
  • Referenced by a route. The route will get the values of the exposed fields to create the alert. The exposed fields will be referenced by their keys.

The field keys cannot start with an underscore as reserved keys all start with underscore. It can contain only numbers, letters, minus signs and underscores and must be unique.

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