How to quickly validate the dashboard HTML Experience


This page assumes that you have already read HTML Changes for Application Builder and you are a user with the correct user role for designing dashboards. For more information about roles, see the HTML Guide.

The dashboard design in HTML is not similar to the Flex design. To create or edit a dashboard, design your dashboard from the Flex view and then validate your design in the HTML view. This is why having a quick way to validate your design in HTML is handy.

View as HTML button

The dashboard preview provided by the Flex view is close to the HTML view and therefore provides a good overview of the look and feel of the dashboard in the HTML view.

However, you can quickly access the HTML view from the context of a dashboard by clicking the Actions button > HTML.

The dashboard is opened in HTML in a new tab. The current context of the dashboard is preserved in the HTML view (time machine, parameters, ...).

Each time the HTML quick access button is clicked, the same browser tab is refreshed.

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