How to create multi-dimensional datagrids


You want to aggregate messages which depend on 2 dimensions that have no links between them.

In this example, we want to look for anomalies which depend on ‘Site’ and ‘Code’.


How-to do that

Create a datagrid and put the 2 dimensions, either as ‘Rows’, ‘Columns’ or ‘Global dimension’ :


Then click on ‘Add value’, and ‘Would you like to bring attributes from another entity’. In the next window, select each of your ‘Path from dimension’, and reach ‘Anomalie’ :

Click on ‘Done’, you will be on the list of attributes of ‘Anomalie’. You may then aggregate the appropriate attribute :

After aggregations, you will have something similar :


If you find yourself with 3 dimensions on a datagrid, and only want to aggregate 2 dimensions, you just need to only specify 2 out of the 3 possible paths and this will create an aggregate on only the specified dimensions.

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