How to configure baseline and thresholds



The aim of this cookbook is to display the baselined typical hour of the day with thresholds and current status. We choose to baseline the values for the count of the payments acquired during the day.

How to create a baseline from an attribute

To create a Baseline from our acquired number of payments we derive our existing computed attribute using the Baseline function.

We will use data from the past 3 days to compute the typical hour of the day.



The Period rhythm is generally the same as the value aggregation time range (here 1 day). 

How to compute thresholds from a baseline

The Threshold input is created by deriving the Baseline and using the Thresholds from baseline function which will also require a DispersionMultiplier


The threshold rhythm is generally the same as the baseline typical (here 1 hour).


You will need to create a new manual threshold for the DispersionMultiplier input.


How to evaluate a status using thresholds

The status input is created by deriving the value that was baselined and applying the Classifier from thresholds function


The status rhythm is generally the same as the value rhythm (here 1 minute).


How to display baselines and thresholds

There are multiple mashlets available that can display values from a Baseline or Threshold.

Historical mashlet

This chart enables you to display value, Baseline, Threshold and status over an interval.

Threshold levels mashlet

This mashlet enables you to display thresholds at time machine instant.

Flat baseline mashlet

This chart enables you to display value, baseline and thresholds at time machine instant.

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