How to hide data

Axway Decision Insight has a built-in command-line interface, the shell.

Use the truncateapplications command to hide all transactions, that is all transactional data.

If you look at the list of entities in Configuration > Entities, you can easily identify which entity will be impacted:

In part 4 of the tutorial, you want to hide data from the Order entity. Follow these steps.

Step Action

To access the shell, on the main menu, click  the Security & Monitoring icon > Shell

2 Position your cursor in the text box right of the > sign at the bottom of the screen.

Enter the truncateapplications command.

This command is not supported on a production database and must be only used on development servers.

Decision Insight responds by echoing the statement at the top of the shell.


  • If you mis-typed the command, an error message is displayed.
  • If you do not see and error message, then the command was successful. You have deleted all partitioned data from your application.

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