What should I do when restarting my node after a long interruption?

When your node is offline, it is unable to ingest data and compute KPIs. As soon as you restart it, Axway Decision Insight (DI) will start to catchup on all the KPIs it could not compute while it was offline. For more information about catchup, see Catchup

Start DI with data integration paused

If you expect that DI will have a sizable  amount of catchup to perform which may impact the performance of your application, it is recommended to pause data integration before you restart the node. 

To pause the data integration, turn off the following property in the platform.properties file:


Now that the data integration is paused, start DI and allow for the catchup to be progressive:

  1. On the main menu, click Security & Monitoring > Computing
  2. Pause all the indicators, then resume them progressively following the dependency chain. Make sure that the running computings are back to the LIVE status before before resuming the next computings.
  3. Once you're done, you can restart the data integration. This will generate recomputings but no actual catchups. 
  4. Remember to delete the com.systar.aluminium.contexts.autostart=false from the platform.properties file once you're done.

If catching up to live computings is taking too much time and you are keen to getting live computing again, in DI, try to cancel all the current computings, then launch recomputing only on a limited period of time. While doing this will enable to DI display live data faster, keep in mind that it may also create "gaps" in your computings that can only be fixed by asking DI to perform these missing computings again. 

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