How to configure states


To configure states, on the main menu, click Data Integration. Then, on the left menu, click States.

You can copy or delete existing states from the list of states.

There are 2 main types of states:

  • Set – holds a set of values like processed files.
  • Map – contains the last indexes.

Set states

Eviction policy options

To prevent the list of entries in the state from growing indefinitely, you can configure evictions policies.

There are two evictions policies, by capacity and by age. You must define at least one eviction policy but you can also use both at the same time. The default eviction policy is eviction after one day.

Eviction by capacity

When configured, the list cannot grow over the capacity. When the limit is reached the element with the oldest access time is removed.

Eviction by age

When configured, the list automatically removes the elements that weren't accessed during a configurable period of time.

Consider a State used to remember which files were processed: an eviction of 1 day will remove the files from the list one day after the file deletion.

State content

When a state is displayed, you can see:

  • The number of values contained within the state as well as the date of this count since the values may change frequently.
  • A preview of at most 20 values contained within the state without a particular order.

Some actions are available to manipulate state content and get information about it:

  • Refresh button – Updates the value count and the preview.
  • Clear button – Resets the content state forcing the resources to be reprocessed.
  • Download button – Downloads the content state.
  • Upload button – Upload a file that contains a list of values to update the state contents. Each line of uploaded file will represent a value in the state contents. 
    Security best practices
    You must never upload untrusted files to your installation. Make sure to have every file scanned by an anti-malware software before it can be used in the product.
  Example of file content to upload

Map states

There is nothing to configure on a map state.

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